Admissions Open In U.G. (vocational Courses)

Our Mission

The College endeavours to achieve quality education and advancement of knowledge through effective teaching and learning process. Our effort is to bring out the hidden potential of the students and to make education relevant so as to develop aptitude and skills of students.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to give quality higher education and overall development to those coming from the rural background.

We strive to make our students a good citizen with knowledge and skill.

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College Campus

Have a glimps of our campus

Markham College of Commerce, Hazaribag with its glorious presence is more than a fiction today.

It caters the educational aspirations of the Hazaribag district.

It initiated Commerce Teaching up to degree level at this North Chhotanagpur headquarters for the first time.

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Did you face any problems ?

Write to us here and we will take appropriate actions against it. We will make sure your identity remains confidential.

We believe that a place of education should be violence-free and that is why we do not support ragging inside our campus.

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Expalin your issue and fill the correct information which will help us solve your issue.