It is humbling and inspiring to hear how generation after generation of graduates have benefited from the academic excellence and practical expertise of this unique institution.

Our dedicated endeavour rests with preparing veritable human capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Our education aims at incuteating values among the students so that advances and achievements of science came handy without the traint of parochial passions. The College has a wide array of culture, sports, and personality development programme designed to bring the best in the student. We have well-qualified faculty members, who make very good academic environment.

A pioneering landmark initiative of the College is the establishment of a Knowledge Centre which will serve as a hub for knowledge exchange at various levels. The knowledge centre will work as a knowledge integration system that will facilitate multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary conceptualizations for member students to develop extra skills.

The Centre aims to facilitate a discursive and dialogical approach, engendering new sights for integrating collective wisdom into the personal and academic life of students. I aspired to one day be able to contribute to the legacy of our glorious institution. Now that I have been given this great opportunity, I hope to extend the journey of our college on the path of greatness. It is my duty to ensure that the college remains for the students, as our founding fathers envisioned it to be.

I am fortunate to be in a position where I can listen to and solve the challenges that our students face, and make this learning experience just a little more valuable. I represent the diligent faculty and staffs of our college, whose sincerity and spirit make it what it is. It is my constant endeavour to proliferate an environment of mutual respect within the college, in pursuit of a shared ambition. We are bound by the fabric of the Music of Truth that unites us and constantly replenishes our passion for learning. Lastly, I extend my sincere thanks to all stakeholders who helped the college in achieving its vision.

Prof. (Dr.) Bimal Kumar Mishra

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