Markham College of Commerce, Hazaribag with its glorious presence is more than a fiction today. It caters the educational aspirations of Hazaribag district. It initiated Commerce Teaching up to degree level at this North Chhotanagpur headquarters for the first time. Some foresighted educationists of Hazaribag started this college under the nomenclature of Commerce College on the 10th of February 1974. Mr. B. D. Jaiswal, the renowned industrialists and business tycoon was its founder chairman and Late Rameshwar Prasad (Ram Babu) Ex-MLC was the founder secretary. Later, the most reverend word of this place "Markham" was added and accepted to the name of this college to pay obeisance to the long and noble services that was being imparted by this Irish Pastor Mr. A. F. Markham who was the longest serving Principal of St. Columba's College, Hazaribag and later the Vice-chancellor of Ranchi University, Ranchi.

Markham College of Commerce, Hazaribag is thus so named after a renowned educationist who has become a legend in the field of higher education. Born in Ireland and embracing roman catholic church Mr. Arthur Francis Markham came to India with zeal and fervor to make available the higher education to this tribally backward locality as a Professor of Philosophy in the local St. Columbas college Hazaribag. He was ordained with the Order of British Empire (O.B.E). Subsequently he became the Principal of this one of the premier institution of India and even abroad. He was a soft spoken, friendly, benevolent, kind hearted and popular among his students and staff. He later became the Vice Chancellor of the erstwhile Ranchi University and guided it to achieve its goal remaining in the office for a full term. Even after his retirement he remained engaged in touch with students and hospitable towards them. He was a saint who in spite of being an Irish remained in India throughout his life. The college is named after him after seeking his consent. The college is trying its best to pursue the sincerity, devotion, zeal and philanthropy like that of Mr. A.F.Markham.

In 1974, the 1st session of Intermediate Arts and Commerce started and in the year 1977 Ranchi University, Ranchi awarded affiliation for the subjects Hindi, English, Sanskrit, History, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy and Commerce up to degree level.

At the time of foundation of this college Dr. Maheshwar Tiwari, who as a founder Principal and Prof-in-charge of the college took a noble initiative with a short but dedicated team consisting of Prof. Shashi Kishore Narayan ( Deptt. Of Pol. Sc), Prof. Heyat Ahmed (Deptt.Of History), Prof. Sabita Banerjee (Deptt.Of Philosophy), Prof. Aparna Banerjee (Deptt. of Sanskrit), Prof. Nitay Nand Choudhary (Deptt. of Commerce). and Sri Kameshwar Upadhyay (Deptt. of Eco), Inspite of financial constraints that this college had to face for years together during its neo-natal period, the love and patronage that this institution received from the students and their guardians culminated in its ever-glowing growth and today it boasts of providing education to over eight thousand students annually on an average with 80% success rate.

Later Dr. Sheo Dayal Singh joined this college as the Principal and his contribution gave solid and firm foundation to this college. It was at his initiation that the college was shifted to the present premises of "Nanda Bhawan" on the Barkagaon Road, in the year 1979. His services made an indelible imprint on the academic canvas of not only of this college but of North Chhotanagpur as well. Later Sri Binod Kumar Sharan (Deptt. Of English), Dr. ShambhuNath Mishra (Deptt. of Sanskrit), Sri Gopal Krishna Sinha (Deptt.Of Philosophy), Sri Rajeev Nayan Sinha (Deptt. of Commerce) joined this college and contributed their services. The college as per decision of the Govt., converted into a constituent unit, on the 31st October, 1986 during the tenure of late Lambodar Pathak as the secretory.

Though surrounded by a financially deprived tribal, SC & OBC population the college had a dedicated team and today it is the Alma Mater of a galaxy of financial administrators, chartered accountants, doctors, engineers, civil servants, bank personnel, military, para-military and police officials among its students alumni.

As of today, the college is having a good Library with approximately 12000 titles, 42 lecture theaters , teacher’s common room, a spacious multipurpose hall named "Swami Vivekanand Sabhagar" that can accommodate some 2000 persons at a time.

To cater the Vocational aspirations of the Students, the college started Bachelor course in Taxation Laws and Practices (TLP), Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC), Medical Lab Technology (MLT) from 2009. Besides the above noted Vocational courses, Nalanda Open University (NOU) is having its full-fledged branch in this college campus. It is offering distance education to the students of whole Chhotanagpur region.

The college also houses a full-fledged Nationalized Bank (United Bank of India) in its premises to facilitate its students, teachers and the non-teaching staff. The college also has NCC, NSS (Two units) Athletics and cultural wings. Today it feels privileged being the honored recipient of a number of prizes awarded at University, Inter University, State & National levels.

Most of the teachers are honored with Ph. D. Degree. Two teachers have completed Minor Research Project under University Grant Commission (UGC). Two teachers have been honored with best teachers award by the HRD, Govt. of Jharkhand. Good number of teachers had attended International, National and State conferences. Some important and valuable books have published by the teachers alongwith the publication of many articles in reputed National & International Journals. In University system the teachers of this college have contributed at every sphere.

Thus the emblem of the college "SA VIDYA YA VIMUKTAYE" i.e. real education is freedom from "bondage" is really visualized in the alumni that this college produces every year and the college fraternity are working day in and day out bringing freedom from the bondage of ignorance to the ever aspiring youths leading them towards a blissful blessed life.


Johar and Jai Hind.